Crowd Funding to transform Bhante S. Dhammika's introductory Buddhism textbook “All About Buddhism” into a cloud based eLearning Course.

Total donations required: SGD 13,900 (US$ 10,000). Campaign started: 23 July 2020

Donations to date - US$ 1,680; MYR 6,431 (32% of Target Reached)

Dhamma Study The eLearning Way

Compared with major Abrahamic faiths the state of Dhamma Studies in Buddhism is poor. Generally, most self-study initiatives or study groups are organized on an ad hoc basis, without a sustainable structure or a universal syllabus. This lack of well-organized study skills hampers effective efforts for Dhamma propagation. As such, the quality of Buddhist knowledge, understanding of basic doctrines and knowledge about the Buddha suffers.

To rectify this situation, an easy-to-use, sustainable and cost effective way needs to be found to nurture effective Dhamma Studies. We need to raise the bar with regards to: (1) knowledge enrichment, (2) study skills enhancement, and (3) robust personal and group organization.

Through the collaboration of The Buddhist Channel and Bhante Sharvasti Dhammika, the well-known Buddhist writer and teacher we are about to embark on a venture to help reinvigorate Dhamma Study and develop quality Dhammaduta torch bearers along the way.

The “new normal” situation forced by the Covid-19 pandemic has enabled eLearning to take off. People now are more adept at using the computer to take courses and eLearning education has also become common in schools and colleges.

ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) is not just an online course: it is planned as a guided programme specifically designed to help you know the thoroughly, practice it fully and share it generously with others. The course will not give you a diploma or degree, but it will certainly help you to gain a rich Dhamma knowledge in a sustainable, consistently organized way on a self-paced learning basis.

Here are five reasons why we believe “ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi)” can really make a difference to Dhamma studies. It offers:

1) Robust, organized structure based on the introductory Buddhism textbook “All About Buddhism” authored by Bhante S. Dhammika
2) Gradual approach - from theory to practice.
3) From practice to sharing - with social network for learning, sharing courses and training cycles.
4) With multi institutional support, AABi will enable individuals and/or temples/centres/small groups to monitor their Dhamma studies progress, with electronic report cards and progress tracking reports.
5) In-course support with comprehensive cloud based Learning Management System that includes competence based training (CBT) integrated with Mozilla Open Badges

The fate of the Buddha’s Dhamma, and how brightly its light shines, depend on its bearers. If each and everyone of us carries a sound Dhamma knowledge within us, and has the capacity to pass this on, then the future of Buddhism is secured.

For more details please read on >> Why ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi)?

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